return of the hayfever monster

i’m kind of stuck at the moment, we’ve had a malfunction with the desktop computer so i can’t download photos from the tacko, i’m not feeling so good….i think i have hayfever. as my family knows i have suffered with hayfever ALL my life…really bad hayfever..until i came to england.

i have to say i have been pretty smug the last 6 years, not suffering every spring and fall. ….and anyone who has it knows it is suffering! until the past few days, now i am so itchy and sniffly and generally miserable, i’m not sure what to do.

i am thinking it’s hayfever but there are a few even more unpleasant options…i wonder if i have suddenly becaome allergic to the cats? although cleo no longer sleeps with me and they are out all the time…and then i wonder if it could be an allergy to smoke…you know people smoking…that could be a problem also.

other than that, i have a meeting today on my home turf. AR is coming here from newcastle and two are coming up from london to meet with the boss. i haven’t seen my boss in a few weeks. he was on holiday and then florence for a WHO conference on the swine flu (if i get any inside info i’ll let you know) and then last friday he had to cancel our update meeting to attend the funeral of the young woman who died after her second round of leukemia.

things are going to start heating up on this project and i have a few big events coming up in sept, oct, nov. they are where we (the team) explain the project to the staff from each ICU in england and try to get them to see its importance and most importantly to fully participate. i think it will  be hard, i don’t think regular ICU staff (doctors and nurses)  think they have the time to fill out all the forms and change the way they do things.

BUT! and that’s a big fat BUT!!! that is the purpose of the the whole study!!!! to find out what makes medical staff actually change the way they do things and what makes them just tick the boxes or only do it when someone is watching….

well, gotta start work now…sniffle, sniffle, sneeze, rub, eyes, sneeze, sniff le, sniffle….

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