cross that off my list

i recently had a power tool malfunction, the rechargable batteries for both my electric saw and hedge trimmer died out…they just kind of got anemic. when i looked online i saw lots of comments that 4 years is pretty much their life span. a new batteries costs about £35…. CRISIS!!!!

overgrown hedges  and no hedge trimmer!!! i was really shot down when my neighbor ron had the guy around to trim his hedges and mow his grass…so his garden looks better than mine.

i guess this would be a good time to mention my “other” neighbor. when i moved in i was in the back garden and he came up to the hedge ala the guy from home improvementbio_earl

just picture a tall green privet hedge and a mullet…yes, my very nice neighbor, 50’s, lives in his parents (dead) house alone. he always wears black and he has a mullet hairstyle. we have actually chatted and ridden the bus together a few times, poor guy got laid off from his job at a refrigerator factory around christmas.

the first time i met him though he came to say hi over the hedge and said so you like working in the garden??? yeah, i do….he replied~i hate it, hate working in th garden!  i believe him because i have never even seen him out IN the garden in 4 years i’ve lived here let alone doing any work, he pays a guy to come every few months to tidy things up.

i have at times wished he didn’t wait so long to have the guy trim his hedges but now i am the one with the overgrown hedges…ah, the shame!!!

after considering all the various options around replacing the battery and/or buying a new hedge trimmer for only slightly more…i hit on a brain storm this weekend…i ordered a black and decker strimmer/edger thing that uses the same battery for £50!!! so for only £15 more i now have a tool i have wanted for ages PLUS a battery for my hedger trimmer.

i worked, yes, worked all day at home and just to attest to my dedication to my job i waited til about 5.30 to snap the new tool together and have a go at the most annoying overgrown bits of my front garden.

i am in gardening heaven!!! i will take before and after pics just to prove how much this power tool will enhance my quality of life.

i told mr a that if i can’t drive at least i can have power tools….


4 thoughts on “cross that off my list

  1. thank you for having a brain storm instead of a brain ‘wave’ and I was also that girl..never out in the garden… too soggy.. DH used a manual hedge trimmers from mum.. :/ glad you are happy there greenthumb

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