four star week ahead

sunday mornings are now my favorite time of the week, i guess they always feel different but getting up at 6.45am and sitting here in my jammies eating some really nice bakery bread and drinking my coffee is significantly better than leaving work after a night shift at 8am.

i have a big day planned and an even bigger week planned for me.

sundays to do list:

wash the sheets/towels/rugs etc…and not let them fly off the line

vacuum, generally clean up inside

finish trimming up the front garden

make lasagna for dinner

review/update some documents for work

which brings me to the week ahead. on tues & weds i have induction(orientation) for the university…. even though i am officially accepted they had me as an international student so i am still sorting that out.

i have a introductory dinner with the soroptimists of tuesday evening. my mom might remember that i got a scholarship from the group in chicago and we went to a very nice dinner. this is what the soroptimists do

Soroptimist International is a worldwide organization for women in management and professions, working through service projects to advance human rights and the status of women.

i think it will be interesting and i’m looking forward to it alot.


thursday….i have to go to london for the last meeting before the big day on friday in newcastle.

in london i will meet one of the original american coordinators of this study. it will be nice to have another american on my side. thursday night we (about 6 of us) are traveling up to newcastle and staying overnight for an all day presentation/training day. i will be helping to do the training!


i hope the dinner with the sorptimists will fill me with confidence because i am not too keen on public speaking! luckily i know the information inside out and feel like i can field any questions people might have…and the other much louder, brasher american is speaking before me so their ears will be happy to hear my “canadian” accent.


i have booked my trip to vienna in october, i am attending a conference of the european society of intensive care

 The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine is an international non profit-making association of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other allied healthcare professionals. The number of members is now above 4000. The Society is devoted to the promotion of intensive care medicine, education, research, and professional development.

it’s weird that this all comes at a time when the subject of geneology has come up. my ex brother in law is doing his family tree and asked for some details about my family, he then sent me a manifest from the ship my grandfather took from germany…i sent that around to my siblings and kids and voila`…my brother coughed up a bunch of manifests and census records etc he had looked up when he worked at a library.


 two of my great grandparents were born in vienna…it certainly adds a bit of significance to a trip that i didn’t really want to make.


i’m not sure if i will have any information that will pinpoint a specific place to visit in vienna but i will be more aware of my surroundings when i am there. it’s all a bit “who do you think you are?” (a bbc geneolgy show that i watch) ….to see the names and addresses and hometowns of people that i have always heard about and see that it all fits together like a puzzle. it really does touch your heart…


so that’s it for now, coffee finished, need to tackle that list….laundry first!

6 thoughts on “four star week ahead

  1. Wow, T, this new job has REALLY changed your life! (And I’m not talking about the lasagna for dinner!)

    Very cool about Vienna and the family connection. I have yet to visit my grandfather’s ‘grave’ (he was cremated) in Leicester – my grandmother’s ashes were spread around in her favourite place to walk her dog! But at least I’m familiar with the places they lived…just wish I could get back just a little further and find more info about THEIR parents…

  2. it seems pretty easy, everything is public record. can’t you get a copy of their birth certificates and go from there? i’ll narrate, in who do you think you are? style….julie went to leicester, thinking her grandmother was an only child but the 1900 census shows 6?…8?…no, 10 children and 2 lodgers living in a two room house!!

    ha! we went to the back to backs yesterday!

  3. Ah, the back to backs – really puts you in the mood, doesn’t it?

    Actually, if I’d get my bum in gear, I’d order up my grandparents’ birth certificates – that would at least help me narrow down their parents’ name, and possibly their dates of birth.

    My paternal great-grandfather’s name was Edward Madder – he was an eldest son, and he named his eldest son Harry (Harry’s youngest brother was my grandfather). Anyway, there was apparently a tradition to alternate the generations with the eldest son being named either Edward or Harry. You think it would be easy, wouldn’t you? But there were a number of Edward Madders living in Leicester at around the right time – they all seemed to have a daughter named Florence!! One of ‘my’ Edward’s daughters was Florence, and his wife’s name was Florence.

    On my mom’s side, my great-grandmother’s name was Mary Campbell and she married a fellow named George Brown – Mary may have been born in Scotland, and I know her birthdate, but try tracking a Mary Campbell from Scotland born in the 1890’s down!! She also had a brother named Jack – probably John? – but there are loads of those, too – he was killed in the 1st World War, along with at least hundreds of other young men with the first initial J, surname Campbell. I need that program to help me!!

    Way more info than you were looking for on a Sunday morning…err afternoon! 😉

  4. did the victorians have no imagination?? or is that the 1890’s version of brittany, lawanda and trey…
    says the woman with the kids with the simplest first names out there….

    i was just sitting in the garden (finished my chores!) wondering if the back to backs should be a mandatory field trip for teenagers in birmingham???
    mmmm, a reality show???

    i stood there wondering how you could physically fit 10 people in that little tiny room…i guess people were smaller then….and nurse that i am… i wondered what women did when they had their period or the kid was vomiting or had diarrhea???

    • Yep, I’m sure they were the popular names of the day – Uncle Harry went and spoiled it all by calling his first son Donald!

      I think it’s the woman or the mom in you because those are the things that occur to me too…although I WAS surprised to hear that the average times for people to actually live in one of those houses was 18 months – most of them were moving onwards and upwards, but still, some people raised their families in them – just like some people raised their families in the tiny living space allowed on a cargo-carrying canal boat…

  5. “YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY” I’m so very, very proud of you, to say the least “I’m thrilled and delighted”, that you have found a place in life that gives you the joy and respect that you have worked so hard for and so rightly deserve. ‘THREE CHEERS FOR TRACY’…….CHEERIE O CHICKIE !!!!!!!

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