the satisfaction of a to do list

yesterday i posted this list….let’s see how far i got….

sundays to do list:

wash the sheets/towels/rugs etc…and not let them fly off the line

did about 10 loads of wash…most of dried on the line!!!

vacuum, generally clean up inside

major clean up! including some rearranging of furniture and….stuff….

finish trimming up the front garden

used my whole repertoire of garden tools…power and hand tools….it’s essentially got a buzz cut…

make lasagna for dinner

came out pretty good although i’m not used to those lasgna noodles that don’t need cooking, marybeth told me that you have to use lots of liquid and i agree!

review/update some documents for work

oh, well…nobody’s perfect~~~~

6 thoughts on “the satisfaction of a to do list

  1. My favourite American recipe for lasagna calls for not cooking the pasta – it just uses, as you mentioned, lots of extra liquid – can’t get it to turn out right with English lasagna pasta though…

    Man, how fast is your washing machine?? lol. If I put mine on the fast wash, it takes 1/2 hour, but it’s a cooler wash than I like – the ‘regular’ wash takes about 2 1/2 hours!!! Needless to say, I never do more than two loads a day, but if the weather’s half-way decent, there’s plenty of drying time between loads.

    • How do you stop the dang things from sticking together? Even with oil added to the water, it doesn’t help, I just have slippery lasagne to work with then…maybe I need a huge pot to cook them in…

  2. It is probably better to put a load of washing in the evening, hang it up on the line before you leave for work in the morning, then you have dry clothes when you come home in the evening! It saves you having 10 loads of washing on SATURDAY.

  3. I don’t know, I didn’t even do that in the US very often unless the weatherman GUARANTEED no rain for days (which often happened) – here in the UK, it’s less likely – I’d never hang a load out before I went to work unless I knew my husband was going to be home within a few hours to take it off the line – it rains too often and too unexpectedly around here…

  4. the 10 loads of wash were related to mr A bringing some stuff from his old place…and doing all the little carpets….normally i do a load every other day…and i have a clothes dryer!!!
    but sunday was exceptionally good for line drying.

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