just my luck….

i just love it! i wake up on the morning of the first of the two biggest days so far in my new job….biggest in the sense of most stressful and highest opportunity for embarrassemnet and humiliation…and guess what? i have the painters in… now i see that as you get older packing for even one night away gets complicated…i have to have all the feminie hygiene products+my tablets to stop the flood+2 pairs of pajama bottoms and i’m just praying i don’t have to share a hotel room!

it does explain the throbbing headache and generally shitty disposition i’ve had for the last few days….

anyway, everything here is in limbo, i have lots of great photos to post and stuff to write about but no time!!! hopefully i will have an update on saturday….

3 thoughts on “just my luck….

  1. haven’t heard ANY of those terms.. OTR , Visitors, Aunt Flo .. hate the first three days. hope no big drama in that area.. have a great time..can’t wait for the update

  2. I didn’t see the painters one on the list, but think it’s the best of the bunch, although thought of one of my own to add…the big red one! lol. I see it’s a war film, and I think that sounds about right. 😉

    I am not at P-12 months and counting (translation? As of October 11, it will be a year since the painters have been in – needless to say, I’m hoping not to do any re-decorating!!).

  3. i was stunned to wake up to this on my big day…my body just won’t accept what my mind is trying to tell it!!

    i woke up twice to a bloody effing mess, contemplating why hotels have white bathrooms, sheets, and towels….they need special rooms for middle aged women with dark patterned decor!!!!

    the tablets work great, stops everything in its tracks, i’m just afraid they will give me a stroke.
    mmmmmm, what’s more embarrassing? blood stains or having a gimpy arm?

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