skipping a chapter

i’m going to skip over something that happened this week because i still haven’t digested it all and it takes a visual component so we will just fast forward to thursday. i went to london for a limited dry run before friday’s presentation. i felt like i was running away from home with my handbag, my laptop and a backpack for the overnight portion.

got to london, made my way to the posh wellcome building conference room. i did my portion of the presentation and probably talked a bit too fast and not concise enough on the back of a long, confusing process. clearly we all were unprepared but it was a casual meeting and each topic generated a lot of discussion and feedback.

at the end, we all, 6 of us headed to kings cross train station to board an extremely packed train to newcastle. my boss is very openly unhappy about the new policy of not covering first class travel. we couldn’t even get seats in the same coach!! 

as we walked along past the first class coaches, i could see my boss almost visibly twitching at the impending reality of second standard class. he darts on the train and calls someone a few minutes later as we all try to sort out our seats, to say he has 6 seats in the dining car for whoever wants to join him!!!

he ordered a bottle of prosecco, an italian sparkling wine followed by a bottle of red wine!! i had crab cake and ravioli and we all had lots of good laughs!!

we got to newcastle at 8.30, checked in and continued to discuss the next days presentation til after 10pm. my boss changed the entire slide show, not that there was anything wrong with it to begin with…i think it’s fair to say that he is an obsessive compulsive pefectionist…a self defined “fiddler”

i watched the news in my room for about 15 minutes in some version of english that made it too much work to try to figure out so i turned it off and fell asleep in about 10…9…8…..7….6…..5…..4…..3….2……….1……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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