the next day

the plan was to meet my boss at 8am for breakfast to discuss what was becoming obvious would be a complete revision of the slide show that someone else did. my job for this weekend is to review it and “tidy it up” so it can be emailed to all the participants by tuesday.

i don’t think anyone would argue that he did a stunning job but when i came down for breakfast i could see him typing away from the front desk….the man never stops!

i have pics but they will have to come later as the computer situation here is still in limbo. i walked over to the conference centre and i guess this where i should point out my fashion failure. i tried to conform to what i call the british female work uniform~ generally consisting of noisy black shoes (with or without heels) black tights, black skirt or trousers and either a black top or a brightly coloured top~~~usually low cut.

i wore my very quiet black mules, black skirt and a purple/black stripes on white shirt….i thought i had black tights…but in the light of day they were~~unmistakenly~~navy blue!      ooops!

the day went well, my boss took over and along with the american lady presented most everything. i, at various times, passed the microphone around, like a roving reporter and took notes.

it was nice because i knew most of the key people and was able to discuss the project intelligently….

it ended about 4pm and the team hung around to discuss how it went til about 5pm…my boss and i and another person had trains that didn’t leave until after 6pm…this is where it starts to get interesting. walking the two short blocks back to the train station it all fell in place….newcastle (or any other british city centre)+ friday night=lots and lots of drunk young people…and drunk not so young people! i said to the other woman ~~ i think i’ve heard about drunk rowdiness in newcastle on the weekends on the news….and it did not disappoint!!

when we finally got on the train there was not a extra seat to be had. we had to go to our reserved seats…mine happened to be in the quiet car….my bosses was not. once we got going i made my way through the cars to talk to him…passing drunk men and women, beer cans all over the place, having to weave between and past and around them until i finally saw that distinctive white hair and the furious tapping away on his keyboard. i wish i had a camera to show how absolutely out of place my boss looked among the riff raff?? an  alien with two heads would have blended in with the crowd better~~~across the aisle was a guy passed out with that annoying tinny music blasting from his headphones…JB was NOT happy!

after i returned to my seat i called im on my mobile to tell him there were now empty seats in my car and perhaps he would like to wander down…he spent the rest of the journey, it was 3.5 hours total, still tapping away and making changes while i dozed and read my kitchen design magazine.

i asked him if some meeting will be in birmingham~~~he said if they expect him to travel like this ALL the meetings will be in birmingham!!!!

it was interesting to see him finally winding down as we didn’t get to brum til 9.30pm. he excused himself once or twice to call “the management”~~his wife, he mentioned it is her birthday this weekend. he asked about my plans for the weekend while giving  me a list of things to do!!

i guess this would be a good time to mention~~~without tempting fate~~~that we have not had one drop of rain in over a week!!!! it is cool, high 60’s, but sunny and DRY!!! it feels like a real autumn~~i think it is the best i’ve had in six years!!

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