almost forgot…

last tuesday night i went to my first dinner with the central birmingham soroptimist group. the food was nothing to write home about but i really enjoyed being part of such a nice group of women. the surprising thing was that the average age was about 75…no kidding!

before we started dinner they lit a candle and read a passage to celebrate international peace day…today!

peacedaytalking to these elderly women about the activities and comeraderie they have gotten from the group over many years was really inspiring. the soroptimists do lots of fund raising and donate to charities that benefit women and children. this group is lookig for projects that can be a little more hands on such as being a guide for blind people, they are collecting personal items to make up gift boxes to be given to women in need.

the speaker for the night was the former lord mayor and mayoress of birmingham.4422-Lord-Mayor they told us about their year and some of the stuff they did including giving ozzy osbourne the first star on brum’s walk of fame!! rose and james went to that!!

they told a cute story about how prince charles and camilla came for the opening of the town hall. they had seperate engagements after that but would be meeting up later. the lord mayor heard camilla say, with a peck on the cheek, “see you on the helipad, darling”  the lord mayor and his wife,  the mayoress now say that to each other.

maybe mr a and i can use that one…see you on the helipad, darling~~~

i will be going back and almost immediately i started thinking about friends i might be able to recruit to try and bring down the average age…

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