brave or stupid?? vote now

here’s a poll for you…how many more times will i go out to the front garden or put out rubbish and a big gust of wind comes and slams the front door shut leaving me locked out?? forcing me to climb up and over the side room and jump (hurl my 51 year old self ) down about 8…okay 6 feet….without breaking a bone or requiring stitchesPhoto0351

 it happened again this morning….thankfully after i got dressed in my jeans and sneakers….could you see me in my pajamas jumping down fron there??? although last time i was wearing shorts….scrapped myself  up pretty good….

5 thoughts on “brave or stupid?? vote now

  1. I don’t think you need the spare key…you just need to remember to set the lock thingy to unlocked when you go out – I do that even when I’m just watering the plants outside the front door (you set such a fine example! lol).

  2. the two of them were in the garden while i was sitting on top of the side room, looking at me wondering what i was doing up there…
    i was wishing they knew how to put up a ladder……

  3. Don’t lock your doors, get a big, barking dog like Toby. When we sold the house in Brookfield, we had to change the door locks cause we didn’t had any door keys, never used them. Just used the dog lock system. Works for me, give it a try, fringe benefit, you get the undying love of a lovely dog. Sometimes Toby loves me too much, he is like my shadow. Try it you may like it. Lots of dogs like cats, the cats will adjust…..

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