an unlikely place

for the G20 meeting? new york?? London??? berlin?? no! it’s being held in pittsburgh…i have been close to pittsburgh, back in the 70’s, my best friend in high school was from youngstown ohio, an equally unexciting place.

The next G20 summit is due to take place at Pittsburgh‘s David L. Lawrence Convention Center on September 24–25, 2009.[1] Announced shortly after the April 2009 G-20 London summit, U.S. President Barack Obama volunteered to host this summit, initially planning to hold it in New York City and coordinating it with the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. However, due to coordination issues, on May 28, 2009, the Obama Administration announced a change of venue to Pittsburgh in order to highlight the city’s economic recovery following the collapse of its manufacturing sector in the latter half of the 20th century. In response to the Global credit crisis, a G20 summit in one year was proposed shortly after the London summit in April 2009. The second G20 2009 summit will hopefully evaluate the measures taken in April 2009 in London and implement new policies which will stimulate the global economy

 our fine president has given pittsburgh a reward for its recent economic regeneration



and how did i stumble on all this??

i get emails from chicago tribune travel

let’s cut to the chase…..the good stuff….the food!



did i mention my future son in law is from pittsburgh???

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