productive thursday!

i was up and out early today and will be up and out even earlier tomorrow!! back to my old life, up at 6am, out the door at 6.35 for the 20 minute walk to the train.

i feel better and more alive today and i’ve definitely enjoyed yet another spectacular autumn day here in merry old…i can’t remember the last time it rained!! it’s cool and crisp and sunny!! woohoo!!

i am really struggling with mid afternoon lethargy…i took a quick nap and now i’m caffeined up with two cups of afternoon coffee…

oh yeah…i joined the gym at work!!! after 4 years of walking past it and two months since i stopped to get the information determined to join…i signed up today and got a tour. the pool is really nice but since i don’t know how to swim…pretty useless for me. they have adult lessons starting monday but i can’t even imagine trying to stuff myself into a bathing suit in only 4 days…besides they are at 9.30pm?? who can learn to swim that late at night….i hope it was a mistake…anyway, i am going to become fast friends with one of these


 i know i could just go out and get a bike or go for a good walk but having used them all before i find the safety and having my heart rate displayed and all that reassuring…don’t want an excercise induced heart attack!!

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