back to basics

today,  in my navy blue uniform,charge%20nurse%20sister%20uniform

i was in my unit, supporting my boss and generally looking at my job through an “external eye”. being the bedside nurse that i am though i could only note:

the 53 year old woman who collapsed in her garden with a cerebral hemmorage

the 48 year man, a civilian working in afganistan who collapsed in the shower with an acute MI, shocked 4 times, downtime 20 minutes

the 54 year old woman, having a routine laproscopic hiatus hernia repair gone seriously wrong, she no longer has a connection between her esophogus and stomach

the 50 something year old man who had a liver transplant, he had a stent placed, it migrated, placed a bigger stent, it migrated and got tangled in his cvc, cvc removed, stent remains lodged in a major vessel.

somehow, being 50+ becomes very dangerous!!!!

i have reassured my mom that if you get through your 50-60’s without cancer, major cardiac problems etc…your 70-80’s are pretty straight forward.

but then there was the 80+ man who amazed us all saying he runs…….he runs alot…….he runs 2o miles a day……for a few days in a row……..

his heart rate runs in the 40’s but he has an ICD…


what is the answer??? is it genetics?? excersise?? good diet????

i really enjoyed my day back in the trenches even though i have a different role.

 tomorrow i have a real clinical shift….more to come!

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