i’m one of them….

I’m a loser
I’m a loser
And I’m not what I appear to be

my video game experience is very limited~~ my first exposure was 20 odd years ago when matt was young. one of his first games was a mickey mouse game where you chase around shooting at various characters with a gun that shot stars. pretty tame, eh?

matt used to ask me to play with him….pleeeease mom….but i was always too busy or begged ignorance on how to play but he persisted until i finally gave it a go. rules explained~~off we went…being a video game virgin i became fascinated with the shooting stars. i just started shooting indiscriminantly and after being chastised several times for not taking the game seriously…matt proceeded to take back the controller and never asked me to play again. joking i used to ask if i could play but he just glared at me~~ lesson 1: boys take their video games very seriously….in fact “game” is a bit of a misnomer….it’s more like video life and death!

i spent years  buying several nintendos and gameboys for mat and then james, i spent plenty of time doing the parental ritual of standing in toy r us or best buy hearing a long litany of reasons why a certain boy could not live without a particular game, citing the list of angelic behaviours that he would be inspired to perform should he be lucky enough to have a mother who loved him enough to buy the game of the day and standing there in those pre christmas weeks with a scribbling on a scrap of paper hoping they would have the number one wishlist item, simultaneously wondering why one little cartridge cost $50???

my second exposure came years later when i was waiting to pick matt up after school~~~i got there a good 20 minutes early and started looking around the car for something to amuse me…glancing over to the passenger seat, i saw a game boy. after a bit of trial and error…i became obsessed with tetris. when matt came out and hopped in, he  looked at me…ok let’s go…one minte, just let me finish this game~~~ha!!! parental revenge!!!!

my new male roomate, has his own interest in video games….serious interest. it just never made sense to me and after the cumulative hours, weeks and probably months trying to get various males to stop playing either to go to bed, come to the table for dinner, clean their room or do their homework~~~video games have always been like a time consuming, energy/attention sucking tranquilizer~~~~until about a month ago. mr a got me started on mafia wars on facebook…it’s okay and with my new job i have time on most days to start a few fights, break some kneecaps, buy some dodgy properties and ice the enemy.

but then i found farmville…much more my style….plowing, planting, harvesting…milking the cows, collecting eggs and money and buying gnomes, fences, picnis benches and ponds..i now have 4 ponds!



there’s some pics of my farm…remember that is just one of my ponds and some of my cows and chickens…..

like i said in the beginning….i’m a loserrrrrrr!!!

11 thoughts on “i’m one of them….

  1. Ha! My daughter’s trying to get me involved in the Happy Aquarium one, but when I saw something about cleaning the fish tank, I kind of shied away from it… Farmville? Been there, done it, I’ll only ever do it again if there’s actually some profit in it. 🙂

  2. my game is not on facebook, its a real computer game. its called Civilization.
    You pick a culture and leader and start in 3600BC and you build a civilization and make technologies and culture and trade routes and go to war with other civs. Its fun. last time i played I was Darius I, this time joseph stalin and neil is gilgamesh. Ill teach you when u come visit. Google it: Civilization IV

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