it’s like the emporer’s new clothes

the rain or more precisely the lack of it in england…even i am sucked into pretending that it isn’t happening. but by my infomal observation, it hasn’t rained here, in birmingham since about the 3rd of september….ecept for the other day when it rained for about 5 minutes. very unusual!!!!!!

but nobody is talking about it! you think a little mention on the news or a cute little no rain watch or even the ladies at the bus stop…but pretty much nothing. tonight i googled rainfall in sept 2009 uk and  a few other variaions only to find a forum called UK weatherworld


they have a discusion about the rainfall in sept

Driest Septembers since 2003








here’s the boring facts about average rainfall in england

Average rainfall over England and Wales
picture In addition to the Central England Temperature (CET) the Hadley Centre is monitoring the average monthly rainfall over England and Wales. The rainfall history goes back until 1766 and is one of the longest rainfall records in the world. As with temperature actual monthly rainfall will be compared against a 30-year average known as the standard reference period. However, with every new decade this period will be shifted ten years further ahead. For example, in the year 2001 the old 1961-1990 reference has been replaced by the 1971-2000 period.Comparing them provides a lot of important facts on how our most recent climate might have changed. For example, if you compare the 1961-1990 average rainfall with the period of 1971-2000, you will find that England and Wales turned slightly wetter over the last 30 years. Mean total annual r ainfall increased from 915mm to 926.9mm. This is about 1.3% and doesn’t seem much at all. However, autumn (September, October, November) and winter (December, January and February) turned significantly wetter, while spring (March, April and May) and summer (July, August and September) became slightly drier. Autumnal rainfall increased from 257.9mm to 270.3mm – which is about 5.2%, and winter rainfall by about 4.3%.Also extreme months turned even a little more extreme. Between 1961 and 1990 the driest month was April 1984 with a total of 10.8mm and wettest October 1987 with a total of 180.2mm. Both months have been outranked by October 2000, totalling 188mm and dry August 1995 with a mere 9.1mm.

  jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec
1961-90 90.9 65.3 74.2 61.5 65.2 65.2 62.3 77.0 78.3 87.2 92.4 95.5
1971-00 94.8 67.0 73.5 62.0 61.3 67.6 57.4 72.3 81.3 94.1 94.8 100.7


the short story>>sept 2009 37mm~~~~oct 1987 180mm

dry, dry, dry!!!

what goes with dry weather??

no slugs

no snails

no grass growing an inch a day….


4 thoughts on “it’s like the emporer’s new clothes

  1. lol, Rose – she knew it was in the forecast when she wrote the post, I assume. It’s raining as I sit here and post this.

    Actually, the only reason it’s raining is because David actually requested two days of annual leave this week to go on a short fishing trip with a friend – they left this morning and will be back on Thursday morning – so, there’s your forecast! I should clear up by the time he arrives back on Thursday morning, if they stick it out that long!

    Time to get the lawnmower out again – I can hear the grass growing! 🙂

    You’re right, they haven’t been talking about it on the news, but it’s always the topic of the day at my bus stop and at work – how about this nice dry weather is usually the theme, I think most people are taking the attitude to enjoy it while it lasts…err, lasted!

  2. i did not know it was forcasted!! i have super powers!!

    actually i knew it was just a matter of time because now it won’t stop til feb!!
    i was slightly disappointed because it was forecast for last saturday and nothing….

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