breakfast at mine?

this morning i happily offered to cook blueberry pancakes and bacon for a friend from work who lets say… going through a rough patch. i really, really enjoyed it and hope she did too!

in retrospect we talked about everything but the pesky problem …….. i heard that others were jealous and wished they’d been invited.

there is a trend and to save my life i can’t find a link to it….of people in the recession opening their house to others for a homecooked “gourmet” meal.

i am thinking that maybe i can do a breakfast version of that for tired nightshift nurses….

the menu

pancakes with blueberries, strawberries or apples


chorizo, potato, feta cheese frittata

cinnimon rolls

orange juice

coffee, tea

i’m taking bookings for november…..

2 thoughts on “breakfast at mine?

  1. That was the challenge on Top Chef last night…. a gourmet home-cooked meal. the chefs had to use food brought by their guest in a paper bag and their own shared apartment kitchen …
    That is a really nice idea.
    does that mean i need to send more aunt jemima?

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