4am sunday

at some point, when i bought my ticket, i made a decision to fly out of london/heathrow at 9.25am….at the time that must have seemed like a good idea. when i started actually making the arrangements and counting back the hours it meant i had to leave my house by 4.15 to catch a coach at 5am to get to heathrow about 7.45…leaving two hours to get through security. remember when you could just show up at the airport and run for your gate???

4.30 am sunday sounds like a very early sunday morning to me (and you probably) but there is a whole group of people, mostly young, party people who see 4.3oam as saturday night…i was stunned to see so many young and not so young people out on the streets of birmingham,  slightly worse for wear, tear and booze. lots of drunk girls being carried along, shoes in hand, by mates and boyfriends. along with a large number of groups standing around, yelling and arguing about who spent the last of their money and how were they going to get home without money for a taxi. i lost count of how many times i heard the F word in the few short blocks to the coach station…why is it people men get really loud and angry when they are drunk???

so, off i go…dark ride to heathrow, no problems, plenty of time…i was extremely pleased to be sitting in seat 6E. anyone who remembers my 4 flights to/from italy where i sat in the last row each time will know how very, very pleased i was to be sitting close to the front. i settled in my seat, between two doctors/businessmen and had the smoothest, least stressful take off in recent memory!

here’s a very bad first photo off the planePhoto0370

very bad, sorry…but i think you get the idea in bright apple green

welcome to vienna!

2 thoughts on “4am sunday

  1. not jealous of that carnage of drunken bodies.. something about loud drunk people that scares me..like someone can do something completely out of control and everyone would just nod and say ‘well, they were drunk’..

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