a new level of clean

i met up with the other research nurse, surprisingly at the train station! 500 miles from home and we run into each other at the train station in vienna…we stayed in the same hotel, along with a very nice registrar from work, she (the research nurse) brought her 6 month old son and her mom so it turned out to be a fun, family time.

the hotel, well everything about vienna was spotless, organized and orderly. my single hotel room was admittedly small but absolutely perfect. here’s my bed on the second day, after i slept in it!


i thought i had straightened it up pretty good but the maids had their own way…those germans/austrians may still be using that grey scratchy toilet paper but they sure know their pillows and duvets!!! i sleep with the windows open and this one kept me warm…i was kind hoping i could have a reason to get out the wool blanket up on the shelf in the closet…

sunday evening was warm and sunny, the hotel was located just around the corner from the main shopping street. i walked up and down finding this interesting…Photo0376

it’s the mc cafe, next to mcdonald’s…except they sell nice pastries…only in vienna!

luckily i took advantage of the weather and had a nice walk around the museum quartier…don’t know the name of any of these buildings but they were stunning!



i was overstressed and sooooo tired…fell asleep way tooooo early…

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