back home

i’m back in brum…with a bump.

 mr a is working his post birthday self into the ground…i’m just getting back in the groove…

okay i haven’t complained about my job for over 3 months but here goes….

“research” i was warned and now i am seeing is political. it’s all about who holds the purse strings….and guess what??? it’s not me…or my boss…i feel like the things i can/want to to do are being kept away for various abstract reasons and what they want me to do requires more resources than i have at my disposal…setting me up for failure!

tomorrow i have to go to london (lord’s cricket ground) for a big presentation, all the usual suspects will be there.

 i will have to set up a meeting with my boss later this week to see if i need to be more assertive or just lay back and work around them.

seeing as mr a is working long, long hours…i have made an extra effort to be the loving wife wanna be….i made a lovely roast chicken yesterday and today i tried liver….before anyone thinks i have forced this on him…he requested it.

my mom loves liver, much to my childhood horror! i hated it and dreaded the nights when we had it because unlike today’s kids there was no other option. either you ate what was served or you went to bed hungry…on liver night, i don’t care how much bacon and onions you smothered it in….i went to bed hungry….with a bad taste in  my mouth.

funny thing is~~~~~~~i love liver products…liver pate…… liver sausage (with ritz crackers)




tonight i made lambs liver….with bacon and onions and a gravy with a touch of red wine….mr a loved it….

i tried it……………. determined to crack that childhood nut…


imagine chips (fries) instead of mash….

i still could not get past the texture….i am not a picky eater…but i could only eat a few bites

maybe i should try to make a homemade pate~~~~

2 thoughts on “back home

  1. I am one of those who loves liver (not so much the other products) much to people’s horror. I have even ordered it at a restaurant Once.only once because I was chastised for it.. WTF?? I thought you ate to please your taste and dressed to please others ?? (no one wants to be an eye sore( Sorry work is causing stress.. Stress sucks.. Hope yoU won’t be gone for long..Brum needs you>>

  2. Brum defo needs you! 🙂

    I agree with you about the texture of liver, that is what I dislike about it most, even though I eventually learned to like liver – haven’t made it in years though!

    The first thing I learned in sociology when it comes to research is that the results of any study are based on who paid for it…politics, politics…hope you can work around it all if you can’t do anything else.

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