invoking the fleming rule

well, who would have thought the liver would come back and bite me for my unflattering remarks…i went to bed feeling fine…i woke up at 3am with a distinctly queasy, crampy rumbling tummy…i moved to the spare room to avoid waking mr (needs every minute of sleep) a with my tossing, turning and groaning…after 15 minutes i got up to see if that would shift the pain…ha! it shifted all right ….into a long episode of heaving!!


hoping that the “better out than in” theory would take over, i tried to get some sleep and salvage my loooong day in london….didn’t happen. i had that awful acidy taste in my mouth and nose, my stomach was still churning despite being empty and before very long mr a was up. i got up to see if i could, in fact, start out on my epic 14 hour day which included no less than 7 hours on public transportation.

i got dressed, had some toast and weak coffee, got all my things together…… and collapsed in a heap. got back into my pajamas and crawled back to bed, barely able to keep the toast down.

the question is why did i become so violently ill…when mr dodgy stomach, who ate at least twice as much as me hasn’t had so much as a burp???


ahhhh….back to the fleming rule~~ briefly~~when i was growing up on a very pretty little street, in the 60-70’s, in the suburbs… there were several families who had 3 or 4 kids around my age. one of them was the flemings, by my families standards their dinner time was strict!! they all ate together at the dining room table, they had to eat everything on their plate and they had to ask to be excused at the end of the meal!!! can you imagine that in 2009???

the only exception to the rule about eating everything on their plate was if someone threw up…i remember creamed corn falling into that category…del-monte-creamed-corn-626-p

and now, for me, it’s liver…don’t like it and don’t plan on ever trying it again.

4 thoughts on “invoking the fleming rule

  1. We try to eat dinner at the dinner table every night, we try to eat around 5:30, and Campbell has to eat what we make him and he has to ask to be excused. He doesn’t have to eat everything on his plate, but he does have to eat what we deem “enough”. Exceptions to the rules are pizza or the occasional movie night and if dinner is something very weird or not very good in which case we’ll let him have a PBJ but that is VERY rare.

    Didn’t Mom make us eat at the dinner table at a certain time?

  2. she did but it was pretty relaxed and i remember being stunned that the flemings had to ask to be excused…saying that nancy did have to spend long periods of time at the table after everyone else had finished because she refused to eat the last 5 peas…

    even my kids didn’t have that kind of structure but i do think it’s a good thing…the family time as well as just having rules.

    i did have conversations with my kids along the lines of…maybe that’s how they do it at susie’s house but in this house we do it like this….

  3. Sounds like the way my kids got raised too, the way you said in your last sentence.

    Hope you’re feeling better? There has never been a time in my marriage to DH when we’ve BOTH been sick from something we’ve eaten – you know, at the same time…

  4. we grew up eating at the same time every night..everyone there except when we got into our teens and started working.. asking to be excused was hit and miss.. We were spoiled.. My mom was so concerned we ate that she would make us something else if we didn’t like it..Not proud of it, but it happened.. but honestly I am sure we ate things you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.. ..

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