london calling

i’m feeling much better today, better in most ways.

my tummy has settled and i woke up really energized, committed to doing lots of things. accomplished most….i wrote an email to my boss who is off for a few days in barcelona, explaining my concerns about my role as a research nurse.

i met my american friend julie, who is going through a really rough patch, for lunch. sometimes a big american hug is what we need.

made it home just in time for our weekly catch up teleconference.

my boss was not there…i really cringe at the way they (the london group) behave when he is not there. only the lead research nurse from newcastle defends his position. in my morning email asked him if i should be more assertive or just concentrate on the integrity of the data… his response…

The problem with the NPSA is that there are many ‘leads’ in contrast to conventional research where the CI has the final word.


Carry on with your plan below which is fine.


No need to be more assertive yet!



i have been offered a task producing a monthly report…… i’m going to the london office next wednesday…..i’ll see what they really do down there…..

i’m working a nightshift saturday night….almost looking forward to it.

i miss my garden, my stained glass….where has my creativity gone???

 these people in london don’t have a clue about being a critical care nurse.

4 thoughts on “london calling

  1. number one choice is in america with insurance
    second choice without insurance would be here (UK) and third would be in america without insurance.

    anytime you go to the doctor or into the hospital you are putting yourself at risk…it’s like playing russian roulette.

    being sick is a very risky business, people just don’t understand that. things happen, people have reactions, surgeons hands slip, wounds don’t always heal and all in a hotbed of germs….

    i personally have no plans to ever go into a hospital as a patient again!

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