first time lucky

i first made a souffle 2 or 3 years ago…it came out perfect

my first souffle

ever since then i laughed at tv chefs who said how tricky they were…until last night when i used a different recipe, didn’t follow the recipe and tried to be creative…


even in the blurryness of the photo you can see it wasn’t quite right. the taste was okay but it was not as light and fluffy as the previous ones.

cooking tip: when you find a recipe that works, stick with it!!

back to the BBC food website for me…

7 thoughts on “first time lucky

  1. rouquefort cheese, but i think i have tried cheddar cheese also.

    i had my doubts about the recipe before i started because some things were measured in teaspoons and others in mls, which is kind of odd and it said to bake them in a water bath and then turn them out of the molds and bake again for a few minutes….i didn’t do either of those things with the first ones…
    but i was rushed..and lazy and…yadayadayada….

  2. my mom used to make an amazing cheese souffle — never sank. yummy. she always swore the secret was in beating the egg whites in a rounded-bottom copper bowl made just for that purpose which she bought in France.

    it was one of my favorite things to eat. i tried it once, and it came out well, but that egg white beating is impossible!

    love the photos….

  3. my mom swore it was the copper and the hand-beating… i have never tried a food processor or hand-mixer. maybe a hand-mixer in a copper bowl? she used swiss (emmenthal) cheese…

    maybe a chocolate souffle would be easier — i think those actually use a leavening agent and a collar — i made one years ago and it was delicious.

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