Oh NOOOOOOOOOO!! 25 october was the day…it was posted all over…the newspapers, on the buses, at the bus stops…they even had displays where people could go and learn more and ask questions…

25th october was bus route change day!! changes…big and small!

bluddy, fooking hellll…would you believe the fuss when the bus took the fully posted detour???? uproar!!! oooohing and aaaahing even if they weren’t the slightest bit affected…..

the highlight of my change day??? the 84, it goes from kings norton to my work, the QE..

change is good!!!

2 thoughts on “changes???

  1. Ha, I would think some of the people in my neighbourhood are happy with the changes to the 2 – six days a week, it ran from Maypole by the Sainsbury’s all the way to the city centre – on Sundays, it started at the stop closest to my house – all the little old ladies who wanted to get their groceries on Sunday couldn’t go to Maypole! They can now- bit deal, it adds about six stops and a 1 1/2 miles to the route! I can’t take the 69 to Solihull anymore, but the 49 instead!

    Cool, so that means you can take a bus directly to work?

    Hope some of the changes make Mr A’s commute somewhat easier…

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