those crazy cats….

ever since jack moved in, cleo has been understandably jumpy. she gave up all her favorite sleeping spots upstairs…on my bed and on the warm spot at the top of the landing, more out of nervousness than jack scaring her off.

i carried her upstairs a few times and she just darted downstairs….until the past week. it seems like with the colder weather the two of them have finally realsized that the other is not leaving and so they might as well settle in.

actually, jack settled in quite early…but now cleo is grudgingly accepting him. they look around for each other and they actually slept on pillows on the floor just a foot away from each other. here’s another not very good photo of their togetherness~~~


from the other side~~


they both seem oblivious to the fact that the other one is there!

cleo has been poking around her old sleeping spots upstairs, she started sleeping on the bathroom carpet (next to the radiator) but yesterday i washed it so i guess she figured the carpet next to the toilet was next best….


funny thing is went i went for a pee she didn’t even move…stayed there all evening!!

it’s nice to finally see cleo all comfy and cozy in her favorite warm spot at the top of the stairs…


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