friday afternoon

today, friday afternoon after payday….i wanted to go to the big grocery store and buy some treats. mr a and i had a skint month…mostly due to my trip to vienna. i’ve now been reimbursed and we’ve both been paid…time for steaks, salmon and bagels and pain au chocolat!

the weather has been mild…probably high 50’s and….dare i say it…..dry!!

as i was geting ready to head out, i asked cleo…should i walk or take the bus? she didn’t respond but it reminded me of matt’s favorite joke when he was about 5 years old.

he would excitedly say….what did one flea say to the other flea??? should we walk or should we take a dog????

i walked…as i got close to northfield the head shaking began…i enjoyed being out…fighting my agraphobic tendencies…mixing with the riff raff people. the usual assortment of chavs, disabled, and elderly. as i navigate the bristol road i wonder if i would have moved here if i had seen this little corner of british culture.

in other circumstances, like if i was living in chicago i would look at this and say awwwwww, the clock cafe


but when i am standing at the bus stop, not in the pouring rain…this time…it is not as stunning as say…. buckingham palace


the northfield update:

i have a theory that any man buying flowers on anyday, no holiday tuesday…has done something he is sorry for. today i saw a guy with a big, BIG bunch of flowers and before i could see the balloon i thought…oh wonder what he’s done??

ah, theory proved!!! the balloon said “i’m sorry”

at the bus stop, a slightly raggedy old man pulled out his mobile phone and smiled at the baby picture…i assume a granchild…he turned to me and had a really genuine smile and i wished i had a dad like that.

the 27 bus….the ole 27…remember the route changes last sunday???? my old reliable 27 has changed too! and i sit down next to mrs old with jet black hair chatterbox…asking me where does the bus go and where it stops and i’m unsure myself….

 she kindly tells me she is visiting her daughter who lives next to the woodpecker pub…near turves green…she doesn’t get out this way often….but she used to drink at that pub…it was such a good pub….

she chats up the little boy sitting nearby…his name? josh…his boots are goooorgeous….his mums name? rosie…i smile.

these people, in my neighborhood, they may not be posh or educated or well travelled…but they are real.

6 thoughts on “friday afternoon

  1. Awww, that sounds better than Buckingham Palace anyday (of course, the last time I was there, it was a mob scene that makes your scene look totally empty!).

    Thanks for the weather update – I have literally not done more than stick my head out of doors for the past couple of days – hope to at least take a short walk tomorrow (and not cough on anyone) to get a pumpkin and some candy, just in case I decided to encourage trick ‘r treaters.

    • pheng, i didn’t mean to imply elderly or disabled shouldn’t be there it’s more about what feels like a high proportion of them at busy times of the day moving in groups of 4 or 5 or 6 familiy members…paying no attention to where they are going or that they are blocking the way.

      i enjoy all the little old men and ladies, they are always acutely aware of evryone else.

      the chavs??? could do without them….

  2. There is a reality show here called ‘Tool Academy’.. ya.. it’s your Chav equivalent in remorse…only they can win money at the same time.. if they prove to NOT be a tool and actually change their ways by the end of the series.. I can’t bare to watch a whole episode but it has that trainwreck pull about it.. I pray my rosary that C will NOT be tolerant of any behavior like THAT from anyone who claims to ‘love her’.. sorry for the ramble.. just reminded me that YES!! flowers on an off day ..someone was a tool and needs to make up BUT only doesnt want to work too hard.. hopes the flowers ‘ahhh ‘ factor will forgive all.. (Brother!)

    got my pumpkin carved and now need to go find matches!! uuggh!! Happy Halloween!

  3. OMG Maria, Tool academy was crazy. Neil and I watched the first season. The funniest part is the first episode when all the guys find out they are not on the hottest grindiest chaviest man show but instead their girlfriends are watching and think they are tools. Actually the girls are all tools too.

    I think this post is cool because its all about perspective, something I tried to explain to james when he lived there….

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