day 1

wellllll, i didn’t actually get to the gym today, i did have my clothes in my bag when i went to an early meeting with my boss. we had a long list of things to discuss and everything went really well. i planned to go to the gym after the meeting but i was copied into email that needed to be answered and my current chaotic internet connections required me to go home to answer them.

i have to rethink this gym thing…i used to go to the ymca in  berwyn and then oak park for years even here in swindon i went to a posh marriott but finally it occurred to that i walked or drove home afterwards…all red and sweaty…now i will have to take the bus home. i may not look great but after i workout i look pretty frightening…so the question is…do i take a towel, my workout clothes…shampoo, hairbrush….all that stuff??? see not as easy you thought~~~

saying all that…i did have a great day today…was active and motivated. i even got off the bus and went to wickes to buy lightbulbs!!

i’m still buzzing around trying to figure out this gym thing….

oh yeah…i went into town to buy some clothes for work…now there’s a big change! on the bus ride in…i was serenaded my some idiot blasting ghetto music…not content to sit at the back of the bus he actually moved up and sat two efffffffing rows behind me!!! 40 fucking minutes!!! i swear if i had a gun…you’d be writing to me in jail….

rose sent me this…it’s music (?) based in birmingham, they use all the post codes to identify themselves..B21, B13 etc…..this clip is 54 seconds….try listening to it 40 times~~~

on the way back i had a weird experience, a chinese man sat right in front of me, he had a chat with his mate on his phone and i was relieved no chavs were on board….ahhhh, nice quiet journey…….nope….he feels obligated to broadcast chinese music!!! can you believe it???? not nearly as offensive and slightly catchy but c’mon……chinese music?????

i complained~~to the bus company~~

I would like to ask what travel west midlands is going to do about people who listen to their music on the bus without headphones. it happens on a regular basis and today as I rode towards the city centre (40 MINUTES!!) I was forced to listen to music played by someone sitting two rows behind me.

 I pay my fare and deserve to have an undisturbed journey, I don’t think the current situation is acceptable. if passengers were vomiting on the bus with the same frequency as they are playing offensive music, I’m sure that something would be done!!

 I feel that a “no music playing” policy should be put into effect and enforced with random checks. all the rest of the passengers ask is that everyone use headphones, how smple is that??

 the current situation encourages young people to feel they have the right to intimidate other passengers, they need to be taught that public transportation is just that…PUBLIC. we all have to make accomodation for other passengers, if you want to ride on public transportation you must be considerate of other passengers.

 I do not intend to let this rest as I am a frequent bus passenger and feel that there are many other passengers who would join me in demanding a “no music playing” rule be put into effect.

yep, i’m back!!!

5 thoughts on “day 1

  1. Right on with that letter to the bus company!!

    OK, about the gym. Now, the place I’ve gone to doesn’t actually have showers, and it’s only a 5 minute bus ride and then a 5 minute walk home, so I just go home all read and sweaty and who gives a damn what I look like? At least I’m not playing loud music on the bus, and I don’t think I’ve had time to start stinking…lol.

    And really, I come out of that place with my hair drenched sometimes because it’s too warm in there to start with and then I work up a sweat and THEN I have a hot flash – you can see where this is going! I have had a couple of people look at my oddly, mostly at the Tesco across the street, but sometimes at the bus stop. But, I just don’t care…

  2. Don’t you remember my motto, “knock it off” NOW!!!!!!!, shout that with a mean eyed stare, well, that used to work. Give it a try….if it fails, just carry a baseball bat to go along with the scream…..

  3. I hate the teenagers playing music on their phones on buses too and often lighting up fags to boot! I’m pretty sure their sole intention is to aggravate other passengers and generally be obnoxious, they want to cause other people as much discomfort as possible. On several ocassions, I’ve actually been able to hear their ‘music’ (if you can call it that) over the top of my headphones. I’m afraid I would never say anything for fear of violent (or in the very least extremely rude and unsettling) recriminations and simply resort to sighing and tutting instead – it’s the English way! Funnily enough, it does seem to me (in Birmingham at least) that there is less of this type of behaviour on trains, although I’ve never really understood the drinking on trains, especially on football match days.

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