what a difference a year makes….

just wanted to mention that one year ago….i was waiting very painfully for my ILR…

it is difficult to believe that i could not have taken this job, the job that i love, in my previous immigration status….although i have to believe that my boss would have gone to the wire with the home office for me…

i am now technically eligible for citizenship!! what an accomplishment!!!!

i prefer to spend the money (£800+) on my house but knowing that i could have one of those maroon passports is a weird and wonderful feeling!!!

god save the queen!

2 thoughts on “what a difference a year makes….

  1. james sent you package on the slow boat…. so hopefully before the end of the year you can celebrate with magic cookie bars and florentines!

  2. Congratulations! I’ve been following you for at least that long (a year) I think and know how exciting it is to be able to do what you want … especially job wise.

    I can understand spending the money on your house, but I’m going to get that maroon passport as soon as I can qualify so the people at immigration will stop hassling me.

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