tea perspectives

i could file this under typically my boss.

we had a meeting planned for last thursday, just me amd him and the two ethnographers from leicester that have been observing our presentations. they were coming to birmingham to tell us how the presentations went (not very well) and whether the message had come across (it didn’t)

the meeting was set up for his office and knowing his need to play the gracious host and his desire to always have his guests fed and watered (so to speak) i mentioned  to his PA that i would pick up some biscuits/fruit for the meeting in case he asked. apparently he didn’t ask her because at 7.30 thursday morning he text me this

would it be possible for you to stop by M&S and pick up some of their best croissants?

i had to laugh because i had stopped at M&S on my way back from london weds and picked up some fruit and little lemon and white chocolate muffins…so i just text him back yes and he politely replied Thanks!.

the really funny part starts when they arrive… they are both really friendly and down to earth…i have to remind myself that they are both “dr'”…as in dr sociology and dr psychology…..

time for the refreshments…my boss has a gaggia coffee machine in his office and always offers to make me some…the ladies are tea drinkers. he flings open his cupboard with high hopes of offering them a choice of tea from his world gathered collection of exotic teas…

they laugh and say no thanks they’ll have “builders” builders_teaand in fact, comments “i’m irish, i don’t do posh teas”

ahhhh the agony as the pin pierces his balloon of an ego and he deflates…

we all have a good laugh as he recovers and asks me if i wouldn’t mind making them each a cup of builders tea,

Builder’s tea is the nickname for a mug of an (usually strong) English Breakfast tea, usually served with milk and, often, one or more sugars. It’s so-named because it has the reputation of being the favourite drink of construction workers and home improvers when taking a break.Back in 1916, the ministry of Munitions’ health committee wrote in a publication called ‘Hours of Work’, ‘an opportunity for tea is regarded as beneficial both to health and output’.

This still holds true today and not just for builders. This style of tea is a mainstay of the office tea break, with many executives enjoying its refreshing qualities.

as if he just can’t bear to…looking at it something like eating spam.

 he does make comments about my american tendancy to have sweet things for breakfast….i let him have a little joke but as i commented to mr a it’s funny because i don’t in fact have a sweet tooth at all….and despite expalining to him once already that muffins when i was growing up were more like scones…so dense and dry you had to put buter on them ….and that i think the muffin as it is today is a starbucks phenomenom…

it hasn’t really sunk in…i still have 18 months to show him what a real american is…..

5 thoughts on “tea perspectives

  1. That’s what I thought at first, too, Maria, that it’s some brand name I never heard of, but it’s really the ‘style’ of tea – and sort of tends to be the way I like it – fairly strong (I like to leave the tea to steep for around 3 minutes, while most people I know seem to steep it for about 1. I like milk in mine, but not sugar…

  2. mr a says it has to be made in a teapot that hasn’t been washed in the last 10 years…like the one we have a work!

    was scrubbing it, trying to get the stains off and realized they like it like that!

  3. Oh, I forgot about that part! We too have a little brown teapot – we rinse it out, but usually just with cold water – supposedly, the tannins (or whatever it is) that builds up inside makes the tea taste better – hasn’t killed me yet…

  4. ahhh maybe I should ask DH to get me a teapot since we don’t have electric kettles here.. 🙂 but he LOVES our mr. Coffee maker anyday over the freeze dried kind in the UK.. he = coffee me= I like tea sometimes ..he never does…

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