that was different…

I went to my boss’s house for a meeting, it turned out to be much further from our hospital than i thought. it was a full 20 minute walk at full speed but through one of the nicest neighborhoods i’ve seen here in england. the house has been described by a few different people..the markers..old, tudor, gravel driveway, volvo in the drive..

i was, ahem, slightly disappointed…i hate those gravel drives…like walking on rough sand…and noisy!

the door was impressive, the hallway was impressive and so was the kitchen in the middle of renovation looking out onto a lovely garden…i can’t say that what i saw was a good meausre of the entire house as i probably missed the other 20 rooms.

i arrived in time for lunch with the other research nurse and her baby and my bosses wife…a lovely, friendly thai woman.

on the way over i had made up my mind that he would be wearing his standard white shirt, black trousers, black shoes outfit. i was pleasantly surprised that he was wearing blue jeans!!! and a fleece jumper!!! and slipperrrrrrrssss!!!

he and his wife offered me everything under the sun to eat…i declined and in my slightly winded state stuck to a cold glass of orange juice. we talked about vienna and when i said (shhh, don’t tell her) i finally mailed my mom her gifts, my boss asked if she was in chicago -yes- has she been to birmingham -yes- and i proceeded to tell the 27 bus story…the one about the man in the kilt, the singing woman….

when my boss told his wife i am from chicago she said~~~

why are you here???

~~~everyone laughs!

business finished a few hours later, i am amazed that there is a bus right outside boss’s house…he does his usual concerned “how are you getting home?” routine but i assure him i will be fine…

i check the times of the bus when i get outside…debating whether i should just walk…it’s due in 7 minutes so i figure i will wait….but 7 mins turns into 10…then 13….when what do i hear???

door opening, gravel crunching….remember i am just the other side of the hedge from my boss’s house…who comes around the hedge in his jeans and fleece and a little backpack???    i wish i could have jumped in the hedge like in a slapstick comedy….but he sees me and he says..

oh, you are still here?? i must drive you to the train station….

no, no, the bus will be here in a few minutes, i’m fine…..reeeeeeally!!!!!

he spins round, goes back in the house, comes out with the keys to the volvo….screeching out of the drive…stops in front of me and tears off…

the traffic is horrendous and he is driving like a maniac…in his usual “get out of my way” style.  he hands me his phone and asks me to read a message….suddenly, we get about halfway to the station and he says…

tracy, i’m sooo sorry…i’ll have to make a U turn here and abandon you…the traffic is so bad i will be stuck for hours

he does just that…pulls in a driveway…assures me the station is just round the corner and drives off….tires screeching, literally!!!!

i just had to laugh, laughing still!

i was really touched at how affectionate and playful he was with his wife…in his jeans~~~it is nice to see that everyone has their human side

One thought on “that was different…

  1. how absolutely delightful! isn’t it amazing when you get to see someone in a different context, behaving just like a person?

    truly a great snapshot of your visit — you must have been smiling for hours afterwards!

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