trouble in brum

yesterday julie and i planned to go to see our friend james for the last time before he moves to california~~james is british and he is married to our american friend maria….maria~ shall we say….had “issues” with england…the weather, the NHS, her inlaws…..she seems really happy to back in the sunny warmth of arizona! she is not allowed to complain about the weather ever again!!!!

it stormed yesterday morning…wind and rain…i considered cancelling the trip but as james was flying out today, i was really keen to see him and wish him well…in a very reserved, arms length, no touching, no show of emotion, british way…of course!

when julie and i arrived in the city centre on our separate buses to head out together…the city centre was absolutely jampacked and it seemed like most were under 20 years old and the majority under 18….talk about my worst nightmare.

i put it off to it being the first weekend of the german christmas market and the improved evening weather. on my way in, i saw a helicopter hovering over the city centre but didn’t think too much about it.  i do  know it usually follows police activity though.

by the time i got home the reason for all the chaos was being reported….

Dozens hurt in lights switch-on

Martin Krol and Rachel Liddiard watched the crowd surge from their flat which overlooks Millennium Point

Around 60 people were injured in a crowd surge during a performance by the group JLS at Birmingham’s Christmas lights switch-on.

More than 20,000 people turned out for the event at Millennium Point which had been due to feature pop acts including Alexandra Burke and the Sugababes.

The city council said problems arose when people tried to force their way through barriers to get into the event.

Two women, a teenage girl and a boy required hospital treatment.

Reports say up to 27,000 people were at the site by the time JLS finished.

The council said a combination of fears over the number of people and bad weather led them to cancel the event.

One person was carried out on a spinal board – and we saw a police officer injured too
Martin Krol

Paramedic Barry Timms said: “There was a very large crowd, believed to be 21,000 people, in attendance and there had been a crush outside the event trying to get in as JLS started playing.

“A metal fencing collapsed trapping a couple of people underneath. One of them was a female in her 30s that’s got some quite serious injuries and a teenage girl also has crush injuries and was taken to hospital.

“As the barrier collapsed it’s believed people were trapped and trampled underneath it.”

He said a young boy and another woman were also taken to hospital with fractures to arms and legs.

Mr Timms said the woman with more serious injuries is being treated and it is hoped she will be fine.

The other three had minor injuries and would be discharged, he added.

read the rest of the story with video here  and here

never a dull moment in brum…and in case you haven’t seen the video (or forgotten)

B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bir-min-ham it’s bostin mate!

and brummy baywatch?

2 thoughts on “trouble in brum

  1. I really need to get my head out of my backside and start paying attention! So THAT’S what it was all about? I suppose is the hubby was working instead of on leave, he would’ve told me all about it…but then again, maybe not!

    I hope there weren’t riots at the Reindeer Parade today…:)

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