where has the time gone?

since thursday, i spent friday in london….agaaaaain…i had a meeting with the new communications person…

she has a very posh name…i’ll paraphase…emma windsor-jones but she is really nice and of course knows nothing about critical care. so i am very key to her being able to do her job.

i had hoped to leave london at 4pm but made the mistake off checking my email one last time. i have taken over the data collection but in fact they have handed me a big mess! a few but significant discrepancies that have been known to everyone for at least 2 months but not acted on. i am learning about research~

i have done some work over the weekend and expect another very busy week…london on wednesday and thursday. i will have to give up one week of “my first time in 15 years christmas-new years proper time off”. i will have to go back to work on the 3rd instead of the 10th because that’s when the project will roll out across all of england!

i have so many things swimming around in my head to write about but can’t seem to put my thoughts together….

today mr a and i had a nice day out in solihull…i can’t believe that everyone is thinking about christmas already?

3 thoughts on “where has the time gone?

  1. Ha, can’t believe I didn’t see you in Solihull (eye rolling here). My SIL was there, too, but I didn’t see her either. Went over for a little R & R after meeting with my parents-in-law today, and it was more peaceful than Birmingham was yesterday!

  2. if you are very key to her being able to do her job… does that mean you don’t trust her? ya people are into Christmas shopping here as well.. not as much but the decor has slowly been coming up..after 5 years of not really having to think about it..It’s back to the materialistic gring again.. (eye rolling)

  3. no, it’s more like i can be as helpful….or unhelpful as i want….i like her and i want the project to succeed but she also makes £20k more than me so i am not going to feel bad if she has to work nights and weekends…..

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