when the exciting becomes boring…

a few weeks ago i was so excited to be going to london….then it became every wednesday. the last two weeks it has been two days a week. i’m not really complaining and i guess i should remember what my work life used to be….12.5 hours, on my feet.

going to london is a 12.5 hour day too…but most of it sitting on my BFNAA…big fat north american arse! it’s hard, lots of thinking and traveling etc…but i do have to keep it all in perspective!

i am working a night shift saturday night so all will become clear again.

i’m looking forward to having a quiet all american girls thanksgiving this year. things have changed for the “core” group. maria went home to arizona, with our little friend cate….julie 1 is being dumped dumping her husband….and julie 2 is now officially one of us!

weird thing is that we have finally made arrangements to have an electrian fix the fuse box and kitchen and living/dining room ceiling lights. what day is he coming?? nov 26th!! which i believe is thanksgiving…i’m planning to explain that to the electrician and ask if he can finish up a little early on thursday.

my oven is gas so i will make some stuff the day before and light the oven for the turkey….the girls are taking the afternoon off work and coming over…i think we may need to watch a real american classic movie…tissues at the ready. classic as in we’ve all seen in so we won’t be bothered if we miss abit…

i’m in london alllll day tomorrow and thursday….hope to hear good news soon from my mom about the packages i sent her. loads of pictures to post, need to finish cates gift…no time, no monitor…

this expat life is really a mixed bag~~~

3 thoughts on “when the exciting becomes boring…

  1. Sorry, I got the packages yesterday, Rodney was home and I completely forgot to say Thank You. I had Brodie for dinner tonite, I also forgot how much energy a tired little girl can come up before bedtime. I’m pooped……..

  2. Is it that it’s boring, or just routine? That’s a rhetorical question more than anything else.

    We think back some years and remember our thinking back then, and the idea of going to Vienna or London on business would have been astounding and unbelievable! Now, it’s just a routine part of our lives – life is sort of the same wherever you are, just a different backdrop…

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