i went to london for my usual wednesday…i had to go again on thursday for a big meeting and while i knew it would be alot of buses and trains i didn’t know it would  include a lesson into the psyche of the business commuter crowd.

i left a little early and thanks to my very expensive (£132) anytime return ticket was hoping to get a slightly earlier train and be home in my slippers by 7pm~~~

i rushed to euston station and was annoyed by the large crowds in the main waiting area…i elbowed my way towards the front looking for the next train to birmingham on the big board…quickly it became apparent that the reason for the big crowd was that no trains were leaving euston to travel north…all these people were waiting for trains for brum, liverpool and manchester~~

and there began the first of a million hundred announcements i would hear over the next four hours~~with increasing grating britsh politeness

hmmm, british rail would like to apologise for the delay, a pedestrian has been hit by a train this afternoon near wembly causing widespread disruptions. as soon as trains are available, they will be posted….yadayadayada…british rail apologises for the delay to your journey….snif, sniff…so000000, sorrry chaps!

i added that last part…might be a bit of an exaggeration but after two hours of the same less than helpful announcements it was really grating on my nerves.

the scary part was that several trains had been cancelled so by the time they did announce the train for brum there was a mad rush to get on. people took over first class and jammed on, standing in the aisles and right up to the door. there was no way i was going to stand in the mass of british flesh for over an hour…so i just stepped back and watched the crowds pouring through the gates. i wish i had taken a picture of the panic and absolute desperation on these peoples faces…it was like they were escaping from a nuclear attack or a swarm of killer bees…

at any rate, i waited 2 hours for a train, ended up standing….well i did park my old bones on the floor of a quiet vestibule between 2 first class cars for the extended journey home. i got home about 9pm and got up at 5.45am to do it all over again!

the next day i was told i could have been reimbursed for a hotel room..i love this job!!

the silver lining??? i got two keys made for my front door!!! now i don’t have to worry about being locked out and having to jump off the side room anymore~~~~~~~

3 thoughts on “rewind

  1. This winter I will be driving to school everyday…first time during a chicago winter. I am really going to miss trains despite frequent delays. another silver lining is not having to drive to london on the motorways.

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