living dangerously

just to counter the impression from my previous post about having a boring life…my life has just gotten a bit more interesting.

mr a and i take a walk up to the shop most nights and sunday night there was a bit of a commotion on the corner. a few police cars/vans…no real scuffle or anything to see just the police. since then i have noticed there is now a police car parked at the corner house 24/7 for the last 3 days….i just went up to the shop at exactly 3 pm and saw the change of guards…weird huh??

until i read this story in the birmingham mail….

Man cleared of killing Tracy McConnell is given police protection

Nov 24 2009 by Edward Chadwick, Birmingham Mail

Jason DAguilar

ROUND-the-clock police protection has been given to the man cleared of killing Birmingham father-of-two Tracy McConnell. Jason D’Aguilar has left the south Birmingham area amid fears he could become a target of vigilantes seeking to avenge Mr McConnell’s death.

 Police today confirmed that officers have been assigned to Mr D’Aguilar and his family as anger continues over the collapse of a manslaughter trial.

 The 21-year-old was alleged to have killed Mr McConnell with a single punch outside the Fordrough pub in West Heath in March.

2+2=i think this guy lives around the corner from me! remember when i wrote about this murder? the big gossip in west heath

i don’t really have any opinions about any of those involved except it’s just another example of what happens when you mix lots of alcohol and testosterone~~~

well, well, well…not so boring after all??


3 thoughts on “living dangerously

  1. don’t suppose anyone cares that the police are still there…a week later

    siting there 24/7 in a big police van is just bringing attention to themselves… they not have unmarked cars in this country??

    now, i’m more worried about when they leave…..

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