christmas in the city

i’m in london so much now that it is routine, the last 2 days it was a little more relaxed and it finally hit me….i am walking around london, england….going to my job…carrying a laptop….who’da thunk, 3 or 5 or 15 years ago this would be my life??

the christmas decorations are coming out and i’m getting used to the travel. i’ve timed the journey…it’s about 2 hours and 15 minutes…door to door….each way. weird part?? i’m generally only there for about 4-5 hours!

i’m going to newcastle again tomorrow which is even more time on the train…3 hours each way!!! for a 3 hour meeting!!

the pros? i can dose off on the train, it’s pretty stressfree…scenic…get to overhear lots of other peoples gossip….the meetings are usually interesting and productive and peoplel value my opinion.

the cons~~~sitting too long, my legs and ass get restless….not getting a window seat on the train, being subjecting to others peoples stupid/annoying/loud personal conversations…

i have so many pictures and stuff to post but i just don’t have the time~~it looks like this will last until sometime in feb. i’m working extra all through christmas because i have a goal….

anyway, i will do what i can and i gave myself a pep talk on the way home tonight…a variation on the “the more you do the more you CAN do” motto…i reminisced in my mind about what tired used to mean. it used to mean working 3, 4 even 5 ….12 hour…on my feet…long shifts….days and nights….eating on the run….being in lifesaving situations with a bursting bladder…listening to families crying….making infusions and mixing drugs when i could barely keep my eyes open but carrying on because it was my job…..

yep, getting up at 7 ish tomorrow to sit on the train for 3 hours for a three hour meeting and then doing it in reverse is a piece of cake!!

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