maybe she just doesn’t like you….

A STUDENT smashed his way into a mortuary with an axe and inspected bodies after becoming convinced a girl he fancied had died.Lovelorn fantasist Benjamin Barton, 24, spent 90 minutes checking corpses and confidential records as he searched for fellow scholar Amy Ogden, 21.

He thought she was dead because she did not return his calls and emails in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, a court heard.

But in reality student nurse Amy had a boyfriend, had no romantic interest in Barton, who she met at Southampton Uni’s Christian Union – and was alive and well at her family home.

Barton, now with a first-class science degree, admitted causing damage worth £7,000 at Southampton hospital’s morgue.

He was put under supervision for a year by the city’s crown court on condition he gets help.

3 thoughts on “maybe she just doesn’t like you….

  1. ‘on the condition he gets help’ – hope someone follows up on that!! You said you’d call, you didn’t, you must’ve died??!! lol

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