study in england~be a clown

you may have noticed that i have an interest in obscure little news articles…’s another one

The Government’s chief immigration adviser has called for a review of “lower tier” colleges because of fears that too many foreign students are being given visas at the end of their degree courses.

Professor David Metcalf, chairman of the Migration Advisory Committee, said he was “stunned” to discover hundreds of colleges which were not “proper” universities could award degrees.

He warned it was possible foreign students granted two-year visas by the Government after completing degree courses found themselves unable to get highly-skilled jobs and were taking lower-paid jobs away from Britons.

A total of 42,000 students were granted two-year visas in the last 12 months under the Post Study Work Route (PSWR). It is part of Tier 1 of the points-based system, which is aimed at “highly skilled” migrants.

Foreign students at 154 major universities can be granted visas after completing their degree courses. But a further 599 other bodies, mostly colleges, can also hand out degrees, and the visas that come with them.

Among the larger group are colleges for homeopathic education, Chinese medicine and circus skills.

A statement from educational training programme Circus Space said; ” At present we have no so called ‘international’ students but would of course welcome applicants from across the world and would be proud that they had chosen to train at Circus Space and in the UK.”

Professor Metcalf said: “There are about 150 that are universities and there are another 600-odd that are not ‘proper’ universities. They are basically further education colleges which get their degrees validated by one of the universities.”

this is of interest to me for lots of reasons…..UK, visas, students…checking…

this makes me laugh for one reason…the circus space

The Circus Space is devoted to enhancing, protecting and advancing the circus artform and has been enabling the creation of excellent and innovative circus for nearly two decades.The Circus Space is based in a magnificent Victorian power station in Hoxton. that had lain derelict for over 30 years. The ongoing redevelopment of the building began in 1994 and completed with phase three, including a unique circus creation studio, in 2007. We now provide the only world class facilities for circus training and production in the UK and sit comfortably alongside our international peers. It is here, in the heart of the East End of London, that we have trailblazed a 21st-century circus revival.

Every year we involve thousands of people in the physical challenges and artistic pleasures of Circus Arts. Our diverse range of work includes the UK’s only BA [Hons] degree level education in Circus Arts, a structured progressive training programme for under 18’s and professional development opportunities for aspiring and established performers. Adults and young people can take part in a range of recreational classes and we provide highly regarded workshops, away days and teambuilding events for the corporate community.

Circus Arts are inclusive, dynamic, challenging and fun, truly offering something for everyone.

Welcome to the Circus Space

so, apparently you can come to england on a student visa and get a “university” degree in “Circus Arts”~~~~

Course Overview

The Foundation Degree in Circus Arts is a 2 year vocational degree course which aims to equip students to find employment with existing performing arts companies or to establish new companies of their own. Students undertake an intensive training regime of 38 weeks per year.

Upon finishing the programme, students may then audition for a place on a final one year programme which will then lead to a BA (Hons) qualification.

Both Degree prorammes are validated by the University of Kent.

This unique degree will appeal to those with some experience in circus, gymnastics, performance or dance who would relish the opportunity to experiment, cross-fertilise and create new work with other talented performers.

The Circus Space and its Degree programme is an affiliate member of The Conservatoire for Dance and Drama and the European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (FEDEC).

Watch “A Step up” a short film about life at the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama

nurses???…nurses who already have  BSN degrees???…nah, don’t need any of those in the UK….

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