going down the list

my first tiramisu

looks good? i thought it tasted pretty good…better the next day…but some liked it more than me….

things to consider for the next time:

this was an alcohol free version…

this one used sponge cake not lady fingers…i think i might like a little crunch

this one had unsweetened cocoa but i will try grated chocolate

but as a first version it was pretty darn yummy!!!

2 thoughts on “going down the list

  1. have never seen it in a cup like that before.. reminds me of how MIL slops a ‘piece’ of Lasagna on your plate.. like mashed potatoes.. 😦 🙂 JK!! I am sure it is very sheeshy to do.. oo la la

  2. Yumm, I got into a tiramisu kick a few years ago, and I got really good. I say definitely use alcohol and lady fingers. They wont crunch but the consistency is better. I used cocoa, but I think I tried a few different ways, sometimes with ground coffee/espresso/ sometimes hot cocoa mix– all good. I did not try individual servings, well unless you count neil eating the whole pan…but it looks good. Also I like using more ricotta than mascapone, sometimes a mix, but mostly ricotta- i think it was lighter.

    have fun!!

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