okay, it’s friday….

i should have the time and energy to post … here’s an update to my list

  • our trip to northfield, including a sandwich at the clock cafe (need scanner)
  • my first tiramisu (need pics)
  • the new addition to the family (need pics) 
  • my unchristmas
  • my new hobby, book shopping at charity shops

so i guess it’s time to explain my unchristmas…

having conveniently removed myself from “christmas” it has been easy for me to sit back and observe the behavior of others that are. i’m kind of alarmed with the urgency people have for having to get something…i have listened to people recite lists, options and comparisons to what they got last year or what they gave someone else or what someone gave somebody else…

i am well aware of the crowd level in town at any time during the year…

sunny, summer, sunday..237 places left in the bullring parking garage…

raining, cloudy tuesday morning….504 places left

7am…any weekday…..987 places left…

today? a full two weeks before X day??? at 12pm??? 124 places left…

that translates into waaaaaay to many people crowded together…i have one question and one observation~~

does anyone really enjoy shopping like this???

nobody looks like they are enjoying shopping like this.

where are the smiling faces? where is the sense of excitement when you find something really special and carefully counting out..one, two, three dollars and fifty seven cents.

now everything is in “gift sets” in tall displays at the end of aisles, when i see people looking at those with that weary, glazed shopper face…i want to shake them out of their consumer stupor~~~i want to scream: don’t buy it!!! it will sit on a shelf and end up in a charity shop!!!

am i shopping for christmas?? i am

am i enjoying it? i am

why am i enjoying it? because i am not tied to a specific day, because i will carefully consider the fine line between what i would like them to have and what they need/want…i will only spend what i can afford and if i don’t get around to it this year i will make it up next year…or the next…

my only stress is my christmas cookies…my neighbors expect them…

2 thoughts on “okay, it’s friday….

  1. love this!! I wish we could all adopt a christmas gift whenever it arrives attitude!! It would be so cool to get the greatest gift any time of the year!! I think i’ll do this with you too lady!! 🙂

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