is it dangerous…or not?

i was killing time at the train station yesterday, which i do alot lately~~ my specialty is reading the time table of departures…

i tend to read all the fine print and had to chuckle when i read the pink recatangle on the second frame…

chuckle and scratch my head…okay, it’s highly unlikely that some kids metallic balloon is going to drift all the way up to the overhead power lines inside the terminal but….

if there is a chance that could happen and the little nipper could get zapped with 25,000 volts~~~ don’t you think it should be slightly more prominently displayed???? not in a little inconspiciuous 4×6 inch blurb under the one about the doors on pendalino trains closing a whopping forty seconds prior to departure…

surprising, (to me at least)  that i haven’t seen that bfore…after all the hundreds of hours i’ve spent reading these time tables….

2 thoughts on “is it dangerous…or not?

  1. Makes me want to search for news stories where this may have happened, since it seems like that’s the time they put the signs up – it actually happened, or there was a near miss! It’s a wonder the place isn’t more plastered with little signs warning people about all kinds of things!

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