looking ahead

okay, it’s cold here….snowy cold! i am working, working regular shifts…with really sick people. i am working 7 shifts over the next two weeks….with an option for several more. in fact i could work every shift for the next two weeks if i was physically able and willing to do so…

i am not

i am trying to distract myself from all the whooha bubbling up around me…being a self designated non-participant.

 i feel compelled to have peak at nigella….the belle of last year’s festivities

isn’t she the most beautiful tree??? there’s always next year…and the years and years after….

what’s bugging me?? remember the cops sitting at the corner??? they are still there!! 24/7…usually with a van that has a camera mounted on top…with the motor running in this cold weather……….my taxes not working very hard…

5 thoughts on “looking ahead

  1. I think I’d call the council or your local whichever (?? lol) office and ask what they’re doing there! Curious people want to know!

    Even though you’ve decided not to participate, I think you should take whatever part in it that makes you feel good. As you know, I’m basically a non-participant myself, but in the end, I dragged a couple of odds and ends out to decorate the front window.

    Do I miss the hubbub of Christmas shopping? Not on your life, since I never liked it anyway! But, in my own case, I do feel a slight discordance and not being able to afford getting a few things for the important people (yes, I did manage to take care of my kids, the most important people) or have the ability due to the stress I’m under to even be able to think of anything creative (and cheap).

    Like you said, there’s always next year.

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