merry christmas to you too, gordon

this is what we get, we NHS employees~~from the prime minister~~for christmas…forget the £10 voucher we used to get~~

it’s nice and touching and even inspiring but it does not go far enough in addressing the dissatisfaction that permeates the NHS. i have never experienced such blatant expressions of entitlement and desire to milk the system….a close second to the air force but at least then we were all losers with no other option…

regardless, i still go to work and give my best…using my clinical skills and my heart.

merry christmas to all those unlucky enough to be in the hospital during the holidays…i’ll be there with you!!

2 thoughts on “merry christmas to you too, gordon

  1. nope, we got one of those packs of candy bars but that was from our unit coffee fund…
    we used to get $10 voucher but they had to stop because it violated some tax law…

    and that message came from my research job website, i’ll see if the “troops” got it…

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