words escape me…

i was just about to write about all the lovely treats i got for us today in town but this caught my eye….

Rampaging escaped bullock shot on streets of Birmingham

A bullock was shot dead after it escaped from an abattoir and rampaged along streets in Birmingham.

The animal was seen in Balsall Heath, leading to roads being closed while police tried to deal with the situation.

Firearms officers were called out as a vet decided it was too dangerous to tranquilise the animal as its behaviour was unpredictable.

The roads reopened shortly after the bull was killed on Wednesday morning.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “The vet’s assessment was it would be too dangerous to tranquilise due to the animal being unpredictable and it being a busy built-up area, so the decision was made to destroy the animal due to ensure public safety.”

here’s the link just in case i found it in the Sun, the daily mail or news of the world!

3 thoughts on “words escape me…

  1. lol, I figure that’s where he was heading to finish up his Christmas shopping! Mad thing to try that, good thing they shot him!! (Sorry, I’m in a vicious mood tonight!)

    I’m glad I didn’t go to work today, I’m sure the bus congestion would have added to my killer mood!

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