my thumbprints have let me down

i wasn’t going to bake but gave in..seeing as i have my new shiny oven…but converting recipes with US ingredients (no. digestives are not just like graham crackers) and US measurements (exactly how many grams is 2 sticks of butter?) is not easy!

this year wasn’t a complete loss, as the first few were…but a combination of trying a new recipe, trying an old recipe i only tried once before, little to no enthusiasm and a new oven has left me pretty disappointed…wanna see ??

that is not how they are supposed to turn out…i suspect too much butter or too hot oven…this is the closest to what they should look like

the picture in the recipe and lots of previous attempts produced a quite round little cookie…arghhhh!! luckily mr a loves rasberry and cherry jam so hopefully he will enjoy them even if he has to use fork and knife!

here’s the new recipe i found on the can of condensed milk..millionaires shortbread…a layer of shortbread, caramel and chocolate…

it even looks yummy…until i tried to cut it

i should have used the food processor that maria left me to really crush up the shortbread…they are a gooey sticky glob of sweetness and that’s enough for some people…

here’s the gingerbread…more like ginger crackers, i keep forgetting to try them without the drop of vineger, i prefer the soft ones…

a group photo…

my mom asked me about the snow here,…it has only taken 1-2 inches of snow over 3-4 days…to bring this country to near transportation collapse

that’s my house over on the right…between tess’s and ron’ case anyone wants to stop over after the holidays…here’s my back garden…yes, mom the grass is green under that snow…

last night i went up to the shop and was surprised to step out into a lovely blizzard!!

i forgot how fun snow can be…i am heading out to work shortly, night shift…i am not cooking but we have some really pricey, gourmet foods to keep us going…like~~octopus( for me) wildboar, apple, sage sausage roll (for him) a wiltshire ham, bakery bread, meat pies and quiches…lots of fruit, veggies, chips, hommous, cheese, pickled beets and artichokes!!

mmmm, where should i start???

merry christmas to mom and ron~~rose, matt and  james and all those other special people back in the homeland!! sniff, sniff…sniffle…

3 thoughts on “my thumbprints have let me down

  1. the thumb ones are yummy no matter what!! how bad was the clean up?? Thanks for the snow pics.. went to ‘not’ midnight mass tonight.. thought of your cool church down the road..

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