so this is what they call a christmas break?

i am enjoying my first official christmas break…i’m technically off from 23 dec-4 jan, just like everyone else in this country…just to clarify…some people are working…like nurses, policemen etc and retail workers but office types??? nope no worky…at all!!

 i am working extra shifts but that’s my choice…and enjoying may be a bit of a stretch because i have a cold since sunday. not the total wipeout, unable to get out of bed flu that i have every year…just more of a run of the mill feeling crappy but able to get on with most things head cold.

in fact yesterday i made the journey to my work to drop off something. i walked 3.6km along the canal on the way there and would have gotten home faster if i’d walked the return journey instead of waiting for the virtually non-exsistent buses. i did manage to get this lovely pic of the canal and the chimneys of selly oak~~~

4 thoughts on “so this is what they call a christmas break?

  1. My office is open! We’re not closed at all except Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and the bank holiday. Granted, we’re on shorter hours – 10:00 to 4:00, and I had/have annual leave for both of the Eves, but otherwise, it’s business as usual.

    Which means I’m responding to your post rather than working!! 🙂

    It’s much safer to be working – it’s a jungle out there! All of those not working are out there shopping as though there’s no tomorrow.

    Hope your cold feels better soon – I’m just getting over another one.

    Great photo – I’ve been meaning to get out along the canals again since the ice looks kinda cool (or maybe I should say cold!).

  2. well, i can rest easy knowing that someone is keeping this well oiled british economy rolling….
    i can say smugly that i only made one shopping trip to town on the 23rd.

    we’ll have to work out a mutually convenient canal walk for the new year…it is one of the highlights of birmingham!

    with or without empty strongbow cans floating by…

  3. Well, if the ice stays, they won’t be floating! 🙂

    I’ll look forward to doing that walk with you.

    By the way, after I posted earlier, I thought maybe you meant none of NHS offices were working…but I think you’re right, most places are closed. We could close if everyone agreed to take the time as annual leave – not gonna happen!

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