i want a refund!

this christmas break…my first real christmas break in more than 15 years has turned out to be worse than the ones where i worked!!! i have been sick since sunday…not able to work the extra shifts that i wanted to work, not able to do much of anything fun or productive and have spent too many of my waking hours this week doing my usual research work. i am now the queen of graphs and official business emails.

the rubbish is piling up because our normal pick up day was friday….i asked a chap picking up bits of trash near the shops when our pick up would be and he assured me they will come this friday…mmm, friday??? new years day??? we’ll see…

christmas itself was per my request a non event…although i don’t think i yet mentioned my two very special gifts…being the wise man that he is, despite my saying that i didn’t want anything…mr a got me just what i really did want…l’occitane!!!!

i also recieved a very nice gift from my boss…a lovely bottle of wine

cleo is not impressed…

we’ve enjoyed all of our rich, tasty food. i have mixed feelings about posting pictures of my food but…

this was four of the five mini quiches i bought~~~and ate! variations of meat, veg and cheese and super yummy!!!

yes, i love octopus…calamari or marinated…it can be a bit rubbery but the taste is loverly!!

and the wiltshire ham which has served us well. could have used a few more people around to share the goodies! i’ve eaten more pork pies than i care to admit to….but amazingly few chocolates!

i hear all my gifts, except the ones i posted yesterday have been recieved so i think we can call this holiday season officially over!!

3 thoughts on “i want a refund!

  1. I do not know that of which you ladies speak.. L’ occitane? LOVE octopus as well. reminds me of my youth… great about your boss and the wine.. It used to be a box of See’s candies and a turkey back in the day..Now i hear no one gets a bonus really.. It’s over? what about NYE??

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