working new years eve

i felt well enough to go to work on new years eve…doesn’t really bother me, it’s just another day and extra pay. i have now spent all of christmas and new years with a very nice welsh male nurse from work…he spends most of his time in spain and pretty much commutes back and forth. lucky him!

i had my break at about 1145pm, we listened to a bit of sharleen spiteri singing xanadu

…then he went back and i spent midnight (alone) in our break room at a table full of snacks watching the fireworks display on the tv from london

and out our 3rd floor window across birmingham.

i had two patients, again. it is transplant season, one was a very nice crabby pakistani woman who for some reason assumed i spoke her language…she rattled on in her language and seemed mystified that i didn’t get it…

my other patient was a young man with too many coincidences to ignore…

his name was matthew j. ~~~my son is matthew j.

his birthday is 5th april, 1984~~~my sons birthday is 22nd april, 1984


he got a new liver three days after christmas and will live the rest of his life as a patient~~~my son is healthy

it helped that he wanted to be called matthew…we call my son matt

the really sad part is that this young man and his brother were both being followed by their local doctors with the diagnosis of ALD, alcoholic liver diesease……after they were referred to our specialist liver doctors they were diagnosed with PSC which is generally genetic or auto immune. it seems unfair for them to be labeled unfairly.

he was a really pleasant young man, who was really cooperative with his restriction on drinking anything. he just gargled to keep his mouth moist and listened to his ipod.

his mum rang about 3am, sounding a bit too  festive for those of us at work….i wouldn’t trade places though.

 my son is healthy

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