the stuttering professor

i had my first official day of british education today…8 long hours of lecture (minus an hour for lunch and 2- 15 minute breaks) and a few group activities.

todays observations~~

 my very nice, very knowledgable young (ish) professor stutters…i’ve never spent all day listening to and watching somone struggle to get his words out before and i was struck by the spastic facial expressions, twitching and generally pained look that goes with stuttering. i’m sympathetic though because i have a small twitch in my right eye when i get nervous, overtired or caffeined up. i admire his ability to carry on with lecturing…i would be holed up in an office somewhere…

prof stutter is someone james would like to meet…he has a background in philosophy with a MPhil and a Phd in medical ethics!!!  and a wife and a baby, meaning he’s not living under a bridge~~james i take it back, you can earn a living studying philosophy!!

the class is made up of lots of students from different cultures and nationalities, next to me was nice nigerian doctor and one woman even flew in this morning from norway !! but one lady stood out to me…short and stout, quickly getting louder and more outspoken…the dead giveaway of her nationalty??? the rhinstone skull and cross bones on the back pockets of her jeans….good grief, how embarrassing!

this course is not so intimidating now that i found out that after this week of lecture i just have to write one 3000-3500 word assignment by 16th feb….finito!!

the last thing i learned about being a student in 2010…you don’t have to take notes!! i bought a new 200 sheet spiral notebook but wrote on one page because everything is power point and they hand out the copies of the slides with a little side part with lines to doodle in!

4 thoughts on “the stuttering professor

  1. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the powerpoint and handouts! I still usually ended up taking notes in a notebook, though…

    I also have a lecturer with a stutter – he was probably mid-50’s, psychology lecturer, it was sometimes painful watching him – much better just listening to his words and not looking at him! I learned in my 2nd year with him that he is actually also a ‘public speaker’ and gives lecturers at different universities around Europe! That stutter hasn’t held him back…

    Was she Canadian?? 😉

  2. LOL!! Canadian?? Hey, I used to stutter as a kid..It was rough.. The worst part was I was the best reader so my 1st grade teacher would volunteer me to read for our school masses.. I amn really surprised these men have gone so far with it though.. very cool! I alos would have been too shy to ‘overcome’ the ridicule and not strong enough to give the world the finger as I succeeded.. I like J also still used a notebook but barely..

  3. LOL!!! I’m sure you broadcast that fact to the entire class…or did you just let everyone draw their own conclusions – quiet, normal American you/crazy, loud Canadian, her!

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