a proper winter

i’m having a crappy time….great british cooking?? i am an abject failure…

we are in the midst of a real winter, day after day of cold and snow…the cats have to be thrown (literally) outside at least once a day…i should have gone to school today but played pseudo hooky which i regret…

i’m sure the internet is full of nice “snow in england” photos but here’s my patch

the thing to notice about those two pics is that they are subtley changing our streetlights. the light that is lit is the old one….notice the curvy design?? the one that’s not lit is the new one…i bet it’s yellow. one of my big memories of flying over england is the the yellow glow around the cities…

front and back garden

going to the shop….

never got around to putting my beach/garden chairs away…never expected more than a little rain…

here’s my plants hunkered down in the greenhouse insulated with snow…hoping for a really great summer….lots of warm sunny days!!!!!

2 thoughts on “a proper winter

  1. There was a snowman waiting at my bus stop this morning…I think he/she/it was waiting…seemed pretty expressionless.

    Glad you got some photos Tracy – it’s dark when I leave the house, ugly and slushy in the city centre and dark when I get home…would’ve like to have a photo of that snowman. 🙂

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