my hero

this week we are having record breaking cold weather…i don’t really mind the cold…i know how to dress for it…

the rest of the country? they are not coping very well….

twice this week the boiler stopped working…tuesday morning it was off…we called a repairman but when i came home in the afternoon i tried it, it came on and we spent the next 24 hours toasty warm…well, me and the cats are warm…mr a is always chilled.

today…the day they are predicting -20C temps…

UK set for coldest night of winter with lows of -20C

Man digging a car out from snow
Wintry conditions are expected to persist across the UK

Snow and ice are set to continue causing problems across the UK with warnings that Thursday night could be the coldest of the winter so far.

Temperatures could plummet to -20C (-4F), including in parts of the South, setting new local records.

UK-wide severe weather warnings of ice are in place amid freezing temperatures and “nightmare” side road conditions.

Thousands of schools have remained shut and travel problems continue, while power cuts have hit thousands of homes.

Temperatures barely rose above freezing on Thursday, remaining between -8C and 0C in most parts of the UK after plummeting to nearly -18C on Wednesday night.

i come home at 4.30pm to a cold house…the cats a bit twitchy…i tried and tried to reset it…i started trying to call repairmen at 5.15….put out the emergency call about 6pm…put it on a workman job website at 6.15~~

then my hero came through the door~~he looked up the fault codes and took a brief comment from the job website about the condenser pipe being frozen…next thing we are outside in the snow finding the pipe blocked with ice…hrmph!

bring out the candle and blow dryers….not just one….oh no..we have two blow dryers and within 10 minutes the big hunk of ice comes out!!!

i fire up the boiler and now we (all of us, two and four legged types) are warm like toast~~~thanks to the wonderful, clever, resourceful mr a!!

and the blow dryers rose and maria left for me which have never been touched by me until tonight!

all i can add to that is i am soooooo looking forward to this weekend!!! i have been so busy working, i haven’t had much real time off….this weekend?? it’s all about me, meeeeeee, MEEEEEE!!!!

6 thoughts on “my hero

  1. When my FIL explained to me about my boiler being a condenser boiler when he was here last week, didn’t really mean anything to me…except when it stopped working on Sunday and I did some reading on-line about them. It wasn’t frozen, but apparently, there is a tendency for them to do so…mine is staying set very low overnight. It doesn’t feel any different in this flat with it set really low – it’s still cold in here! But, then this flat has some problems that way and most houses in this country really aren’t set up for such low temps.

    Glad you were able to sort your boiler problem out fairly easily!

  2. Hop on a plane and you will be basking in our extremely hot summer. For the next few days, our temperatures will be in mid 30s’, topping 41 on monday in Melbourne, Australia!

  3. i don’t really mind the snow, it’s better than rain and it actually makes everything look brighter…especially with the sun…

    but nobody shovels their walk…they don’t dress for it…and obviously when someone designed my boiler they never took into account that theroretically it could possibly get this cold in england!

    came home again yesterday and it was off, got out the trusty blow dryers got the ice out, turned it on and called british gas to complain…waiting to hear back from the engineer…

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