what to do…

i’m off this weekend, in fact we are both off this weekend. it’s been so long since we had a weekend off~~together. given the current weather conditions a casual outdoor shopping day is out of the question. there are about 87 hours of cleaning, tidying, organizing, decluttering to do but i was hoping for something  bit more fun…

i also have loads of thinking, planning, organizing that can be done for work and school…

i thought about doing a bit of relaxing stained glass…one problem, the side room is very cold….but i may be inspired….

for now, it’s just us cozy cats…

2 thoughts on “what to do…

  1. sunday night update:
    didn’t do much

    organized my desk…sorted out my papers for work…did a little work and sent a few emails for work

    did some laundry

    cleaned some very neat cat poop…they are generally hibernating.
    will. not. go. out!!!!!

    went to the shops yesterday, managed to completely forget my PIN, locked myself out (too many attempts) luckily unlocked today…

    meeting tomorrow, exercise study, london tues or weds, big meeting thursday…lots of brain work!!

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